December 4, 2011


haha i was complaining about eridan and then after i asked natalie which troll i should draw she was like ERIDAN

daskhfhgafsdjhadfhjs NO?????

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fuck this is such a good use of negative spaceARTIST BONERasdjvfgjshnxczmjferidan stopyouneed to stopi hate everything about you so why do i love youffffffffffff this is just too artistically stunning LET ME DIEhomestuckeridan ampora
October 18, 2011


JE: i haven’t really had time for that! plus nothing could ever come between me and nic cage. you heard it here first!

RL: Yes.

JH: i totally am!!! ;)

EA: you didn’t evven let me —

SC: ju2t 2top.

SC: you are objectiively wrong.

so far this has been my favourite one to answer!

sdjhgfsahjfdsadjustERIDAN STOPERIDAN YOU BETTER CHECK YOSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOSELFhelp they are all so wonderfuli have the most talented artist-slave in the worldindiestuckjohn egbertrose lalondejade harleyeridan amporasollux captorhomestuck