November 11, 2011
September 16, 2011
August 17, 2011



it’s Thursday!

hey, tumblr, what about some two-guys-kissing-animated-sketch.gif picture?

I know I’m bad at drawing such things. so, I practice drawing kiss.

 actually, I don’t like yaoi. (except for two or three titles.)
why should I justify myself? lol just draw what I want.

god yes plz ksjfnkjafg

get it, boys

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August 9, 2011

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i don’t ever particularly mind, people can ship whatever they want, but when it’s a canon or near-canon pairing and they’re all OHHH LOOK AT ME NO THIS HET SHIP IS BETTER it’s just sort of ._.

that’s basically what they were doing

like the other het that I saw I was kind of like “why would you be into that” but not in a judgmental way, it just genuinely confuses me

but this one post came off as really ~look at me~ I’m so ~special~ it’s ~100% hetero~ for me, and I fucking hate when people pull that shit

lathyrismin another fandom I think I saw someone shipping a het ship that made not much sense over a canonically queer pairinglikeshippers gonna shipbut it still skeeves me out
August 2, 2011
June 24, 2011


is there a flip table reaction image? i desperately need one

alistair and his webbed hands say hello

dat Alistair

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dem hands tholikethe suggestion of them is incredibly hothand fetish yay
June 20, 2011
June 14, 2011

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Are you saying you can’t be lyrical about ~stars~ and ~the universe~ and Lian kicking butt? I am disappoint.

yes, I am

I’m pretty much only good at being lyrical about love

seriouslyjust read every other fic I've ever written for any other fandomexceptlikethe one with Steve and the kittenand I suppose several of my boostle ficsOTHERWISEALL OF MY FICS
June 2, 2011