January 8, 2012

TG: you think im pretty without any makeup on
TG: you think im funny when i tell the punchline wrong
TG: i know you get me
TG: so i let my walls come down
TG: …
TG: dammit egbert


oh shit a homestuck post

conjurations replied to your post:

i want to know this too, there is such a surprising lack of jake/bro fics so far i am soooo surprised (and also rly disappointed)

yeah ikr. i found some on the kink meme but was distracted by the eridan/jake/dualscar stuff i found »

oh shit a homestuck postconjurations
December 24, 2011

dang im kind of surprised at how much i love jake english

oh shit a homestuck post
December 18, 2011

boffingbyron replied to your post: people need to stop drawing eridan (also dualscar)…

no regrets in liking Eridan. Dualscar maybe, but still slim. nope. will Tumblr Savior-ing (??) help?

no i actually relly like them but liking them with my boner is going too far (at least with dualscar….)

boffingbyronoh shit a homestuck postobjectively terrible sea trolls

people need to stop drawing eridan (also dualscar) attractive think of my problem plz i beseech you yhis is terrible for evveryongt involved but mostlt me/????

sortrry im 

awful ifn its any constolation im probs more horrifiesds at myselfd than anypne else on thje planet???????????????

oh shit a homestuck postobjectively terrible sea trollsi hate myself for loving you
December 13, 2011

this is for james because its hilarious and hopefully itll cheer him up

everyone else: im so sorry………………..

oh shit a homestuck postorphaner dualscarwhy did i do this........................

TG: oh sup
TG: looks like youre a fairy
AA: yeah
TG: thats cool


time babies :')oh shit a homestuck postdaves just like 'oh same'the dave human is one of your human homosexuals
December 11, 2011

oh cod i missed playing dualscar……………

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December 10, 2011

thenymreaper said: Jade/Aradia because I love it /this much/ and it doesn't get a lot of play

/screams i love jade/aradia they need to just go haring off on adventures together and not take shit from anyone and let no one tell them what to do.  and also kiss on the mouth and be enthusiastic and badass.

hysteron-proteronpepliesotp: here is a map with your name for a capitaloh shit a homestuck post

spandexual said: so like wwhat about sol/eri

i… actually do ship it, but only in specific contexts either there is no power imbalance or its skewed in solluxs favour.  basically i just want it to be ridiculous petty sniping and eridan whining and sollux giving no fucks and possibly also sexy things happen but mostly they cant stop bickering long enough to get anything going……………..

spandexualpepliesotp: desire like a monster crawls up out of the lakeoh shit a homestuck postobjectively terrible sea trolls

spandexual replied to your post: spandexual replied to your post: god i completely…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA GOOD GOOD and yeah Dualscar is pretty much my favourite ancestor. Mostly because it’s impossible to feel sad about him BECAUSE HE WAS SUCH A LITTLE SHIT

my favourite ancestors are probably signless & psiioniic because i apparently love crying alone

but dualscar is just… terrible and its glorious.  i started rping him and i think at one point i described him as “arrogant, self-absorbed, and incompetent”.  god hes just such a useless douche and i find it so hilarious GOD AND HIS CAPE SERIOUSLY dualscar i cannot with you…………………..

spandexualoh shit a homestuck postobjectively terrible sea trolls

god i completely ruined sexy and i know it for myself…

i associate it with eridan, which is funny enough

but then my mind replaced him with dualscar and now all i see when i hear it is him……………………………..

nowhyoh shit a homestuck postobjectively terrible sea trolls