November 25, 2011
November 20, 2011

lets be honest though

id probably be down with almost any ship as long as it included signless/psiioniic

i accidentally otp

oh shit a homestuck postshippers gonna shipotp: i'll give you my heart to make a place for it to happen
November 11, 2011

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ooooms i never will get over signless/disciple like RLY we had to have another confirmed m/f pairing o okay thanks. signless/psiioniic would have been hella good dang. or the disciple and redglare idk just smth.

i like the idea that their quadrant transcending love was like true platonic friendship love?  but yeah thats only headcanon……………..

DO YOU KNOW HOW GOOD SIGNLESS/PSIIONIIC IS.  like fuck can you imagine how deeply personal the revolution is to both of them and especially for the psiioniic to have something good to believe in?  because he knows what happens to him according to the hemospectrum and to have someone come and say that theyre going to try to take it down.  and it would take so much convincing to get him to believe that i think he would have absolute faith.  and then im sure they were forced to watch the execution and fuck the signless seeing them captured and blaming himself utterly for it is what broke him?

okay whoa where did all that come from

mexicobradisciple/dolorosa could be good toowow i have a lot of feelingsand i should really be asleep rnoh shit a homestuck postotp: i'll give you my heart to make a place for it to happen